Welcome to Métis Fish Market

Owner, Shawn Goulding Zurawski, is a descendant of a long line of proud Métis commercial fishermen, including his grandfather, Henry LePage who opened the world famous Henry’s Fish Restaurant at Sans Souci, Ontario.  Henry, who was also a master welder, prided himself on serving nothing but the freshest of fish in his restaurant, fish caught directly off his fishing vessel. Shawn’s uncle, Bernard LePage, not only continues the tradition of fishing the waters of Georgian Bay but continues to provide the same great quality of fresh fish.

Shawn, who took up welding like his grandfather has also taken a huge interest in the fishing industry, a family tradition.   With his wife Cathy and their two sons, Aaron and Cole, they have created a unique business, Métis Fish Market.  Like generations before him, Shawn provides the permanent and seasonal residents of the community with fabulous fresh fish.

Métis Fish Market is situated in Midland, Ontario and specializes in a variety of fresh fish as well as smoked fish.  Shawn, like his grandfather and uncle, prides himself in providing a product that is not only healthy but of the freshest quality.  Henry was once quoted in an interview with the Globe and Mail as saying, “what I won’t eat, I won’t sell”, a statement Shawn lives by.